We help clients nurture vibrant communities using meaningful graphic design & website design.

Graphic design for communities

At Flux, we create meaningful graphic design solutions to tell our clients’ stories to the world. Every project is a question that we first ensure we fully understand, and then work out how to answer. The invisible work we do in the studio is the most important—the research, problem-solving, strategising and critical thinking. We love sinking our teeth into a project—especially when we know the result will benefit more than just our eyes.

We brain-storm, sketch, experiment, paint, draw, cut, stick and more to generate creative ideas that are as unique as our clients. We thrive on developing community-minded visual solutions that surprise, delight and make people think. We don’t cut corners, but we may cut the corners off if they’re unnecessary! Whether print or digital, our design solutions are carefully developed with a strategic, thoughtful and coffee-fuelled approach.

Brand design uses typography, colour, imagery and style to communicate the viewpoint and purpose of your organisation. We love pushing the boundaries, developing unexpected branding solutions and daring our clients to be brave!

Print design is an accessible, low-cost medium that is still very effective. By recommending paper stock made from recycled content or sustainable forests, we can print flyers, brochures, business cards, booklets, annual reports and publications and still sleep at night!

Your logo is the face of your brand: a memorable, distinct and unique mark. The most effective logos are the simplest, stripped back to the bare essentials, yet containing something visually striking to give it enough personality to stand out in the crowd. 

You’ve shed blood, sweat and tears to develop an amazing product, but does your packaging send the right message at first glance? Thoughtfully, well designed packaging gets a great product into the hands and homes of ideal consumers.

Functional and intuitive website design

In the simplest terms, web design is the design of the layout, structure and appearance of websites. The main consideration of good web design is the user experience.

The best websites are easy to access and navigate, aesthetically pleasing and full of quality content. Websites shouldn’t confuse or distract the user; they should engage and inform. Designing for web involves removing any pain points and frustration for users by considering the function and usability.

A beautifully designed website will not only provide consistency with your brand, but will help to increase your credibility and win the trust of your target audience.

By putting ourselves in the shoes of your target audience, we can gain an understanding of their goals, preferences and behaviours. We then use this knowledge to design a website that is functional, intuitive and feels like a breeze to use.

There are many barriers that people negotiate each day, but your website needn’t be one of them. We can help you develop a website that complies with NDIS accessibility standards. Make it easy for your audience with a website that is useful to all people in all circumstances.

WordPress is a highly flexible and versatile CMS, which can be easily customised through the use of themes and plugins. Through this open-source platform, we can build you a beautiful, functional website that you have the ability to self-manage going forward.