If you are responsible for the marketing of any organisation, business, project or event, it’s no longer enough to hope that offline marketing practices will get you the results you need. Business referrals are great, but they can be slow and tend to come in unexpected waves. Surely there’s a better way to flatten out the rollercoaster of high and low business sales?

Do you ever have ‘quiet patches’ where you find yourself waiting for the next email or phone call to come in?

While you are waiting, your competitors are designing and building new websites. While you are waiting, prospective customers are searching Google for information about something they need—a product or service you may also offer. Also, while you’re waiting, the same prospective customers are reading your competitor’s new website, assessing their credibility to supply the product or service which will solve their problem and—when they are ready—they are making contact with your competitor to see if they can get more information, or maybe even make a purchase.

You know this scenario is true, because YOU are often the prospect yourself.

Think about it. Where do you go when you need something? Do you go straight to a store? Or do you do a little internet search first?

Exactly. This is the first of our five reasons your organisations NEEDS a high performing website:

1. People are looking for you on the internet

People, including new and existing audiences are looking for you on the web. Even if you’re not there, that’s where they are looking for you. And if you’re not there waiting for them with great information and an easy way to make contact, they are going elsewhere (probably to your competitors). Full stop.

2. Your ideal audience will find a good website

Good is the operative word here. If you have a cheap website, it’s almost certainly not mobile responsive, search engine optimised, well designed or full of great content. A cheap website is almost as bad as no website.

Your ideal audience will find a good website that helps fill their need—even if it does not belong to you.

3. It will pay for itself

A bad website can waste a small investment really quickly. And for commercial businesses, a bad website can cost even more in lost time and sales. A good website costs good money—but if done well, it will pay for itself in no time.

Think about your revenue. If I said a new high performing website could increase your sales (or increase the number of attendees at your event) by 10–20%, what would that be worth to you?

4. It will help you reduce costs

A good website will help you discover new ways of digitising processes and reducing human error. For example, online forms are a great tool you can use for capturing all sorts of information from your network.

A simple enquiry form on your contact page can capture information from new business prospects, whilst more complex forms can be set up to reduce the burden of repetitive administrative tasks. You can even accept orders, registrations or donations using an online payment gateway. But first, you need a good website to use as a platform for all this technology!

5. Your organisation will flourish

Growth comes in many forms and looks different to every organisation. To most commercial enterprises, increased revenue is the focus. But to others it might be increasing awareness about an issue or report, increasing education enrolments or improving health outcomes and results. Whatever your goals may be, a good website can and will help you achieve them.
We know that not everyone feels comfortable in the digital world. It feels as though it is harder and harder to keep up to date technologically – every day there’s a new social media platform to manage, a new app to get your head around and a new program to learn. However, without one simple thing – a website – it’s all too easy to become invisible.

But don’t despair – here at Flux, we’re digital natives! Are you keen to find out more about how we can help you with your website? Email our Creative Director or phone +61 8 8272 5503 for a free one hour website consultation.