Assisting communities affected by the Australian bushfires

Like most people in Australia, we spent a good portion of our 2019/20 festive holidays in shock over the devastation caused by the unprecedented season of bushfires in Australia.

The broader purpose of Flux is to help people that help others, so it’s only fitting that the first thing we discussed when arriving back in the studio after our break was: what can we do to help with the bushfire crisis?

The general message from charities is that donations are the best form of help. So we are pledging 2% of all revenue in January 2020 to the Australian Red Cross to help them support the human victims of the bushfire crisis.

The Australian Red Cross supports members of the community through a range of services, such as evacuation/relief centres and psychological first aid. In South Australia they are actively working at the Lobethal Recovery Hub and the Kingscote Relief Centre on Kangaroo Island. They have been attending community meetings and checking in on people’s welfare via telephone. As proud South Australians we really value what the Red Cross is doing to help these local communities.

Our 2% revenue pledge will consist of the overall value of any new projects commencing this month, new and existing invoices for all of January, including any deposits invoiced for jobs already quoted.

If you’ve already received an invoice from Flux this month, then 2% of that invoice will already be going to the Red Cross at the end of the month.

If you haven’t, you can still help us boost this donation amount by:
• Placing an order for a job we’ve already quoted, or
• Asking us to quote a new job and placing an order by the end of the month (extended to include orders placed before 14 February 2020)

To ensure 2% of your project tally gets added to our contribution, contact Frank on or 0402 057 376 before Friday 31 January.