5 reasons you NEED a good website

5 reasons you need a website

If you are responsible for the marketing of any organisation, business, project or event, it’s no longer enough to hope that offline marketing practices will get you the results you need. Business referrals are great, but they can be slow and tend to come in unexpected waves. Surely there’s a better way to flatten out […]

5 ways to maintain creative energy through the new year

5 ways we keep our creative energy flowing at Flux

I have a reoccurring conversation with my Grandma. It’s not word-for-word every time, but generally goes along this line: Grandma: “How is everything going at work?” Me: “Great, thanks! I’ve been working on this new branding project / document design / event identity for X / Y / Z…” Grandma: “Oh my. I don’t know […]

Should you ever change your company logo?

Should you ever change your company logo?

Branding businesses with Flux design studio. Think you can’t or shouldn’t ever change your established company logo? Try telling that to retail giant Woolworths, who threw out one of the most recognised brand identities in Australia (perhaps the whole country?) and replaced it with a completely different design. How did they succeed? There are at […]

5 signs your logo is outdated

outdated logo design adelaide

There is a common misconception that a company or brand needs to keep its identity the same forever—that changing the logo would have negative consequences. However what we know is that maintaining the status quo too long can do more harm. You only need to look at major global brands as evidence keeping your logo […]

Adelaide creative agency Flux gets a make-over!

Flux Visual Communication secondary branding pattern design Adelaide

Over the last year, Adelaide creative agency Flux has undergone significant changes: inspiring new business premises, new team members and new clients. We realised after the dust settled we also needed a new, mobile responsive website—and that it was time to reflect all these changes through a branding refresh. But first we asked ourselves, ‘What […]

Choosing the right supplier for the job

Flux Visual Communication secondary branding pattern design Adelaide

Getting the best from professional service suppliers We typically seek professional help when the problem we have requires a solution that goes beyond our own scope of knowledge. As a case study, consider having some bad pain in your lower abdomen which is running down your leg. Now you wouldn’t walk into a doctor’s surgery […]

Improve your brand equity

Flux Visual Communication secondary branding pattern design Adelaide

Brand equity is defined as the difference between the actual value of a product (or service) that has a brand and the potential value of that product or service if it did not have a brand name or assets. So a simple mathematical equation might look like this: Brand Equity = (Real value of product […]

Being creatively different will bring rewards to your organisation

Flux Visual Communication secondary branding pattern design Adelaide

Dare to be different One of my favourite phrases is “zig while everyone else is zagging”. Google is a classic example of this and their dominance in the IT industry is because they dared to be different. At a time when the leading search engines were adding more—more information, more advertising, more entertainment, etc.—Google stripped […]

Relevance and engagement in graphic design

Flux Visual Communication secondary branding pattern design Adelaide

Make it relevant, or don’t bother Over the course of one weekend long ago, I observed two very different forms of visual communication: one was relatively effective, the other disastrously ineffective. The first was a poster that caught my eye whilst attending to nature’s call at a local football match. The poster was rather unattractive to […]

Advertising: reducing costs and improving effectiveness through good design

Flux Visual Communication secondary branding pattern design Adelaide

Advertising is used to find new customers, increase sales, increase profit margins, increase brand equity or simply to let an audience know your brand exists. Traditional advertising mediums like television, radio and print can be very expensive because they communicate with big audiences—and many of the people in these audiences aren’t really interested in your […]