Adelaide creative agency Flux gets a make-over!

Over the last year, Adelaide creative agency Flux has undergone significant changes: inspiring new business premises, new team members and new clients. We realised after the dust settled we also needed a new, mobile responsive website—and that it was time to reflect all these changes through a branding refresh. But first we asked ourselves, ‘What are we doing?’, ‘What are our values?’, and most importantly, ‘What is our core purpose?’.

After much discussion and debate, we managed to concur on the following phrase:

We help nurture vibrant communities through meaningful graphic design.

This phrase aligns the needs of our most valued clients with the ethics of our team, giving us a reason to come to work every day and motivating us to push the boundaries, get creative and continue creating our best work!

Our new branding combines the original Flux philosophy of ‘fluidity’ with the community connectedness idea embodied by our new purpose. At the core of our new identity is a new logo (sneak preview below), which visually represents the connections we have with—and generate for—our Adelaide creative agency clients and more broadly the local community. By accepting everything we do affects our surrounding context, we can improve the likelihood of generating positive solutions.

The rest of our rebrand needs a little bit more work, but we will be rolling it out in the very near future, so watch this space (well not this space exactly, there is a new, more relevant space on the way!).

Flux is an Adelaide creative agency located in Glenside, South Australia.

Flux Visual Communication logo design Adelaide