Graphic Design Adelaide

Graphic design is the practice of using images and type to communicate a message to a targeted audience. This practice is also commonly put under the title ‘visual communication’, which can also include illustration and photography. Initial design consultation leads to a range of visual communication outcomes. These outcomes may include: books and publications, identity and logo design, brand and packaging design, environmental or way-finding signs, websites, newsletters, and many others.

Flux delivers a graphic design service to clients mainly located in Adelaide, South Australia. We aim to add value to our clients’ products and services by creating interesting, engaging and effective visual communication outcomes. Well executed design benefits our clients by defining their customers as a ‘target audience’ and delivering a message which is engaging and effectively received by them. This process is used to position our clients ahead of (or simply different from) market competitors.

But our work is more than just producing marketing and communications material. We work with our clients to be sustainable, socially and environmentally aware.

So have a look at our work and read the feedback from our clients in their testimonials. They’re ultimately the best judges of whether our design work is effective!

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Frank Stillitano MDIA

Accredited Designer and founder of Flux Visual Communication