Graphic design for marketing professionals

If we define creativity as the ability to make clever connections between two or more seemingly unrelated things, then marketers are very creative people. The ability to make these types of creative connections is a form of problem solving and marketers solve problems for their clients on a daily basis.

At Flux we respect marketing as a unique and highly specialised profession—one which is uniquely connected to our own design profession through creativity. Marketers find creative solutions to business problems that may from time to time involve the input of a graphic designer. Upon engagement, graphic designers use their creativity to generate ideas on how to resolve these problems using images and words (visual communication).

Through our experience we believe that marketers and designers partnering on projects from inception to delivery can optimise the end result for the client.

Flux Visual Communication doesn’t just exist to make things look pretty. We add value to organisation marketing by:

  • Being less expensive than a big Ad Agency, but just as creative
  • Always being flexible and reliable
  • Offering a highly knowledgeable print management service
  • Our creative director Frank Stillitano MDIA is a fully accredited design professional
  • Our design process ensures we don’t take any project details lightly.

Marketing professionals and management teams love our collaborative, partnering approach to creative.

Flux is an Adelaide based creative consultancy specialising in print and digital projects for marketing professionals. We add value to your client’s products and services by creating interesting, engaging and effective visual communication pieces.