Graphic design

Graphic design makes your message visible to the world.

Graphic design is art with an agenda. It is a tool used to solve a problem, by communicating a message, raising awareness and/or inciting an action. At Flux, we create meaningful graphic design solutions to tell our clients’ stories. We thrive on developing community-minded designs that surprise, delight and make people think. Whether print or digital, our design solutions are carefully developed with a strategic, thoughtful and coffee-fuelled approach.

Putting a spring in students' steps

Brand design

Brand design is more than just a logo. Branding encompasses everything to do with the marketing of your company, organisation or entity, and how it is presented to the world: logo design (and how this is used), corporate typefaces, colour palette, photographic style and secondary branding (such as patterns, icons, unique shapes and other decorative elements).

We can help you assess your current brand, and develop a brand strategy, along with any design work necessary. This could be anything from the design of a missing element to tie your existing brand together, development of a strategy alone to give your brand a clear direction, to a full rebrand including naming, website design and all the bells and whistles.

Logo design

Logo design is the visual design of a unique mark to represent an entity such as a company, institution or organisation. Like a business name, this mark is used to distinguish from market competitors and should be unique, yet appropriate for the particular industry (unless “inappropriateness” is part of the brand strategy!). It is a combination of shapes and typography, used on a wide range of applications to visually represent the entity.

We love creating unique logos that communicate even more unique stories. Our aim is to create a mark that hits the nail on the head so hard that it somehow feels as though it was always your logo, even when you’re only seeing it for the first time.

Package design

Packaging design is the design of packaging and labels for products such as food and beverages, cosmetics and toiletries, household products, industrial parts – really, anything in a box, bottle, jar, tin, tube, cup, bag or vessel of any kind. The difference with designing for packaging (as opposed to print or digital) is that packaging takes a 3D form. The final product is a physical shape that will be viewed from multiple sides, and function in a specific way.

You might have thought about the shelf-life of your product, but have you considered the shelf-life of your package design? You’ve shed blood, sweat and tears to develop an amazing product, but does your packaging send the right message at first glance? Thoughtfully, well designed packaging gets a great product into the hands and homes of ideal consumers.

Print design

Print design is well and truly alive, and while it may have taken a downturn in recent years, it’s not going away any time soon. It is an accessible, low-cost medium that is still very effective. By recommending paper stock made from recycled content, post-consumer waste or sustainable forests, we can print flyers, brochures, business cards, booklets, publications, magazines and annual reports and still sleep at night!