Retro rebrand for Adelaide's most creative digital agency



Appliquette develop cutting edge apps, however this wasn’t reflected in their branding. They came to us wanting a branding strategy and refresh that would help reposition them as a leader in SA app development, who are able to provide both technical and creative services. They also wanted to appeal to prospective employees. Appliquette was particularly keen on a strong theme or idea that would help them to stand out and be memorable. The company also need a catchy brand extension to use as a social media avatar.


We looked at Appliquette’s main competitors, and looked at how they position themselves. We also assessed the brand name, which was sometimes referred to as Appliquette, and sometimes APQ. 

Other considerations for the strategy were whether Appliquette should be positioned as a digital agency or an app developer, what makes Appliquette different, who their target audience is and how Appliquette can compete for larger projects.


We proposed that Appliquette focus on service rather than product. We suggested that they consider dropping the APQ acronym and retain Appliquette, since it is a unique and clever brand name.

To emphasise Appliquette’s key strength in creativity, we proposed a 80s gaming theme, which would appeal to their target audience and prospective employees alike. Games are the perfect merging of creativity and technical skills and appeal to people of all ages. This nostalgic theme is a memorable and creative, and shows that Appliquette are able to have a bit of fun!