New school branding sends students down the right avenue

Avenues College


When Windsor Gardens Secondary College amalgamated with Gilles Plains Primary School and Gilles Plains Children’s Centre, they approached us to create a new identity for the school. As the school was also renaming to Avenues College, they needed a complete branding refresh.


Initially we began work by analysing the identities of competing schools in the area to find gaps in the market. We also researched the location and surrounding suburbs of the school to get a sense of the local community and what makes the Avenues College distinct. In addition, we explored imagery and symbols depicting education and learning.


The end result is a unique and memorable crest with layers of meaning. The three lines meeting at the top represent the three schools merging; these same three lines travelling downwards represent multiple students pathways, which is part of the essence of the new name, Avenues. We retained use of circles which were used throughout all three old school logos. In the new identity, these circles also depict trees to represent the local tree lined streets. The shapes highlighted in the centre of the crest form the letter ‘A’ for Avenues, as well as symbolising the top of a pencil to portray education in the form of writing and more broadly, the Arts.

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