A simple brand identity sure to create a buzz

Bee Prepared


Bee Prepared is the only accredited training organisation providing Certificate III Training in Beekeeping in South Australia. They needed to raise brand awareness and appeal to their 3 main target audiences: 

  1. existing commercial beekeepers
  2. backyard beekeepers (possibly semi-retired) and 
  3. late high school students looking for traineeships and apprenticeships.

We were asked to develop a professional, contemporary corporate identity system to distinguish Bee Prepared from market competitors as a unique, dynamic and reputable entity of trusted experts in the industry.


We looked at interstate training organisations, who are Bee Prepared’s main competitors. We found that they all offered a range of courses, not just Certificate III in Beekeeping, so none are particularly ‘bee’ focussed. All were very corporate and conservative in style.

We discovered an opportunity for a memorable, distinct and playful brand that focusses on beekeeping.


Our concept was to position Bee Prepared as South Australia’s ‘Bee University’.

The logomark is a hive made with a stack of books and topped with a mortarboard, all contained within a shield. As well as referencing an educational institution, the shield is a form of protection, reinforcing preparedness and biosecurity – a major focus of the Certificate III training.

We also developed a unique, abstract illustration as the secondary branding, drawing upon elements of beekeeping (hives and flowers) and education (books, pencils and a mortarboard).

The outcome is a professional, credible brand with a memorable and unique style, positioning Bee Prepare as SA’s go-to beekeeper training organisation.