Double Shot Coffee Fiesta

Double Shot Unley Coffee Fiesta

City of Unley


In October 2014 this project won a Gold Medal in the communication category at the Design Institute of Australia’s SA awards night.


The marketing team at the City of Unley commissioned Flux to design the brand identity, logo and poster for this inaugural event. Scheduled to occur during Adelaide’s ‘Mad March’ festival season, Double Shot needed a strong visual theme and a unique look to begin building brand recognition and reflect the nature of the event.


The brief was for an Italian themed event, but a strategic collaboration with our client uncovered insight which suggested the event would be more unique if we replaced Italian visual influences, which are quite common around the streets of Adelaide and Unley, with a South American flavour. The word Festival was replaced with the more fitting ‘Fiesta’ and the Flux design team researched Brazilian art and design to provide the visual influence.


Our coffee loving character was created by combining strange features with unusual proportions and finishing with bright colours. Joyfully knocking back a couple of short blacks by pouring musical caffeine out of a perculator, all with just two hands, is a feat that adds to the surreal nature of the concept.

Everything is hand crafted and hand drawn, which both reflects the festive nature of the event as well as paying homage to the South American influence.

The inaugural Double Shot! Unley Coffee Fiesta was held on Sunday 16 March 2014 at the Soldiers Memorial Gardens, Unley. It has been annual event on the City of Unley’s calendar ever since.

The event now runs every two years. Flux was re-hired in 2019 to refresh the branding with a French theme.

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