Healthy Workplaces SA

Healthy Workplaces SA

Collaborative Partnership for Workplace Health and Wellbeing in South Australia


With the average person spending about a third of their life at work, workplaces have a significant impact on community health and wellbeing.

A new collaboration between Government and non-Government organisations, the ‘collaborative partnership for workplace health and wellbeing in South Australia’, share a single vision where employers are supported to improve health in the workplace.

They needed a branding system, including a logo, secondary branding elements, colour palette and typography selection, to apply across a range of resources for workers and employers.

A website was being created through a template, so limitations to visual elements needed to be taken into consideration.


The identity needed to look contemporary and attractive, and avoid looking too bureaucratic. 

We got out the watercolours and explored depictions of health, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants and human movement.


The outcome is a vibrant, energetic identity system. The logo is a simple, contemporary wordmark incorporating a smile in the cross bar of the H. The secondary branding is full of life, portraying happy, healthy workers across a range of industries.

We applied the identity system to a website concept and charter document.

The Healthy Workplaces website is a great resource for employers and workers in South Australia. Have a look here: