A beacon of light in the healthcare industry



We were approached to develop a name and visual identity system for a new health care company in the disability sector.

As a registered NDIS Provider, this company required a name and identity system that reflected the respect, empathy and warmth that they provide to their clients. 


Beginning with the name, we brainstormed and researched words associated with care, home and grace. We then used the chosen name as a starting point for our visual concepts.


Landing on the name ‘Kindbright’, the outcome is a simple execution combining words, typefaces and subtle symbols. 

The heart and flame incorporated into the logotype reinforce the concepts of ‘kind’ and ‘bright’.

The logotype is a combination of 2 typefaces: Roca Two Black (serif) and Gruffy Extra Bold (sans serif). Mixing serif and sans serif typefaces helps to give this brand an approachable and friendly feel.

We also developed a playful pattern, extending the branding concept further. The overall outcome establishes Kindbright as a caring, warm and professional provider of support in the healthcare and disability community.