Logo design for Adelaide engineering firm

KP Squared


The purpose of this project was to develop a new brand identity for an existing business focussing on supplying civil and structural engineering services to architects, builders, developers and other key building decision makers. The young, savvy and energetic clients also wanted something that broke the mould of expected engineering firm identities in order to change the popular stereotype that engineers are geeky and boring.


From analysing the local market, we saw there were a lot of logos that allude to engineering and planning through the use of mathematical and engineering drawing references, with blue and orange being the most popular colours. Most lack personality and have a very conservative and calculated feel.

There was a definite opportunity to stand out through the use of colour and an artistic approach, creating a unique market position.


At the core of the identity system is the triangle. This is an unexpected choice for a business with the word ‘Squared’ in its name. The triangle is also the strongest and therefore most important of all the basic engineering shapes.

The axonometric grid was chosen primarily for its triangular nature as a strong base for the identity by representing the transition from 2D planning to 3D realisation.

The core identity asset developed for KP Squared is the triangular logotype. Fitting within the axonometric grid and rotated 45 degrees, the letters create a strong triangular form.

The wide spacing of both the letters and lines also make a grid shape. The simplicity and geometric nature of the logo create both a contemporary and professional mark. It is unique within the market and when used with the artistic brand extension, elevates the company above the boring and stereotypical ‘geek’ image.

To further the distinction of KP Squared, and artistic brand extension digital artwork was created. The bright colours breathe life into the identity and reinforce KP Squared as a progressive and contemporary business. It is both professional, creative and unique.

The colour palette was selected to ensure distinction amongst competitors, whilst enhancing the market position. The yellow is a distinctive feature, intended to be printed with fluorescent ink, while the grey colour can also be printed in silver.