Brand identity for a new interior design practice

Lion's Head Studio


The purpose of this project was to develop a flexible brand identity for a new interior design business, from the principal’s core values and influences that do not conform to any particular style.


From analysing the local market, we saw a lot of simple, typographic logos—and lots of black, white or neutral colour palettes.

The opportunity with Lion’s Head Studio was to leverage the values of the principal, Wendy-Anne Press:

  • Bold
  • Courageous
  • Resourceful

to develop an identity system which bravely uses pattern and colour as the dominant feature.

Patterns and colours are inspired by the point of difference, which is significant international experience.


The core identity asset we developed for Lion’s Head Studio is inspired by the shapes, patterns and colours found in indigenous tribes from around the world. Further depth to the unique graphic comes from the triangular nature of the forms, which hint at ‘flags flying’ giving the system an entirely international feel.

The main shape was influenced by the mane of a lion, but is not an obvious or clichéd reference to the business name.

When repeatedly copied and rotated the main graphic lends itself well to be used as a decorative brand extension.