Brand identity re-design

Madison Park Primary School


The purpose of this project was to:

  1. Create a new brand identity for an existing school
  2. Ensure the new brand identity is relevant, creative, polished and professional
  3. Ensure the new brand identity represents the school’s values and community’s aspirations.


The existing school identity system was fragmented and inconsistent. This results in a loss of brand recognition. The current logo was also unrefined, giving it an unprofessional appearance.

We assessed the logo market and identified a gap—no local school was using a graphic that represented education in their logo.


The school community’s values and aspirations are communicated through a simple graphic which touches on the following themes:

Education: The essence of why schools exist.

Aspiration/Inspiration: Anything that exists above head height that requires us to ‘reach up’ can symbolise our aspirations or our desire to achieve something that is normally out of reach. Celestial bodies of any description are always a good example.

Community: This theme can be represented simply with the repetition of any element so that one becomes a group of many.

Repeating and rotating this image creates several other layers of meaning:

  • A group of students sitting in a circle reading
  • A community
  • A floral pattern representing growth
  • The sun rising over the horizon, representing warmth and ‘a new start’.