Big identity for a mega festival

Naracoorte Lucindale Council


Create a recognisable brand that can be used to promote the inaugural Naracoorte World Heritage Festival and Trail Run. We needed to communicate that a visit to Naracoorte and the Naracoorte Caves is a unique experience that no other region in South Australia and few in the world can offer.


Boy, did we learn a lot about fossils through this project! We were particularly fascinated (as we would imagine other people to be) by the Megafauna that were fossilised in the Naracoorte Caves. For half a million years the Caves acted as pitfall traps and predator dens. Animals would fall in through a hole in the ground and not be able to escape. Bones collected—layer upon layer, year after year—creating a rich fossil record of the ancient animals that roamed the area.

The fossil record covers several ice ages and the arrival of humans in the area and the extinction of Australia’s iconic Megafauna roughly 40,000 years ago. Palaeontologists have excavated and dated many of the fossils in the Naracoorte Caves. They have reconstructed the skeletons of many of the Megafauna that lived so many years ago and the environments in which they lived.


We decided to base the branding on the Megafauna, firstly by naming the event ‘Mega Fest’. We linked this largeness to the excitement and vibrancy of the upcoming festival and trail run. We played with scale, depicting the Megafauna as small compared to gigantic runners and huge skeletons. Footprints have been incorporated into the Mega Fest logo to further the connection with Megafauna. We combined bold, colourful shapes with fine illustrations of fossil layers.

Throughout the campaign, we have used playful words and phrases to connect back to the Caves, sometimes using ‘mega’ as an adjective, and sometimes concentrating on the large size.

We applied the brand to posters, flyers and social media accounts. We also developed and built a responsive website for the event, providing all necessary information for Mega Fest attendants, run participants and potential stall holders. All applications use colour, visual interest and playful words to get the audience excited.

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