Ni Hao Unley event identity

City of Unley


Developing a new community event is never really a problem as such, but our challenge with this project was to create a long lasting identity system that will generate event recognition over many years. The City of Unley’s event team asked us to develop an identity system for the ‘Ni Hao Unley’ event in order to assist them with:

  1. Introducing Chinese culture to Unley residents
  2. Attracting Chinese investment to Unley
  3. Celebrating Chinese culture


The target audience segments for this event were:

  1. Unley Residents
  2. Adelaide’s Chinese community
  3. International students and their families


The concept for Ni Hao Unley brings together Chinese culture and the City of Unley.

Through research into Chinese festivals, customs and symbolism, we discovered that the Dragon Dance is performed at many Chinese celebrations. We felt that this festive performance, along with the meaning of the dragon (bringing good luck to the community), was a perfect focus for the concept.

We also explored Unley to work out what is unique and recognisable about this city. Period-style architecture is common in Unley, and from this we examined shapes and decorative elements.


The outcome is a unique dragon motif, which includes subtle depictions of Unley’s architecture and infrastructure. The dragon welcomes Unley residents to Chinese culture, while also welcoming residents of China to the City of Unley.

For more event information check out the facebook event page.