Branding for a new breed of dog groomer​

Short Bark N Sides


Short Bark N Sides is a growing pet grooming service in Adelaide, with ambitions of becoming a national franchise. It was clear the business needed a new brand identity that would distinguish it within its market and position it for growth.


Through competitor research, we identified multiple market competitors using cartoon style dog illustrations in their branding. A more sophisticated approach to branding would aid distinction and assist with repositioning. We also identified the humour contained within the business name as a key strength of the brand.


Elegant, spacious typography position the business as a boutique, canine barber shop—creating a solid value proposition for a business that was no more expensive that its competitors. We focussed on tone and humour as a point of difference, and developed additional taglines to compliment the clever brand name. 

In order to broaden the identity we developed secondary vector illustrations that represent a range of dog breeds, dogs with new hairstyles, and tools used for dog grooming/washing. The line style references teeth of a comb and strands of hair/fur. The flexible branding system allows used of these illustrations either in pattern form or independently, depending on the application.

Keep an eye out for the vibrant Short Bark N Sides trailer in your neighbourhood!

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