Finding solace through massage



Adelaide Oncology Massage Services is a mobile massage service in Adelaide, specialising in oncology and lymphatic drainage massage. The business proprietor, Judy Valero, initially came to us seeking an update to her website and slight tweak to the existing corporate identity. As we delved further into the project, it became clear that a full brand identity system, complete with a new name for the business would deliver the best results. Judy agreed.


We began our research by looking at competitors in the industry. Due to Judy’s specialisation in oncology massage, we also researched charities, particularly those working with cancer patients. We looked into the history of massage, researched anatomy and lymphatic systems, as well as relaxation and mindfulness.


‘Solati’ is a Latin word from which ‘solace’ is derived, meaning to find ‘comfort or consolation in a difficult/testing time’, while ‘sol’ (Latin for sun) has connotations of light, warmth and energy. We felt that this was a very fitting business name. ‘Solati’ helps to communicate that the services provided by Judy will allow her clients to find comfort, warmth and an escape from health concerns or other causes of stress and anxiety.

We developed a unique illustration, made up of visual interpretations of the lymphatic system, lymph nodes, muscle tendons and Swedish massage techniques. Placed together in the form of the muscular system, the illustration becomes an abstract representation of the human body and the techniques and effects of massage practices. In application, the illustration is heavily cropped in order to keep it interpretive and unique.

The detached logo represents the process of disconnecting from one thing (such as worry and stress) and reconnecting with another (the body and mind). The split logo also represents a horizon line, which communicates the idea of a new beginning or journey.

We then designed and built a completely new website for Solati in WordPress. Click here to read all about the website build!