Putting a spring in students' steps

Springbank Secondary College


Late in the spring of 2018, Springbank Secondary College (formerly Pasadena High School) came to Flux in need of an identity update that would give their branding a fresh, contemporary feel. Along with the new school name, they wished to modernise their overall look while still keeping in mind the school’s history and long-standing place within the surrounding community. The school’s pedagogy, specialised facilities and new partnerships with the Australian Science & Mathematics School and Flinders University were also to be considered.


Springbank Secondary College is a progressive, forward-thinking school with a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics). Students have opportunities to participate in a number of music, drama and performance events at the Tower Arts Centre. The Disability Unit, Basketball Academy and Trade Training Centre also provide students at Springbank College with a wide range of specialised opportunities. The curriculum encourages curiosity, innovation and creativity through enquiry-based learning. It was clear that the new identity system should incorporate a small piece of all of these attributes while also creating a sense of unity and inclusivity—values that the school bases much of its teachings around.


Based on these values and priorities, we developed a new motto for the school: ‘igniting inquisitive imagination’. The overall meaning is to spark an interest in learning things and form new ideas. Advancements in science and engineering can only be made with forming new ideas on top of a solid knowledge base. This motto also promotes inclusivity as having imagination and an inquisitive mind are attributes not exclusive to those with academic ability.

The overall logomark is unique and contemporary to show how the school is progressive, forward‑thinking and creative. We incorporated a range of shapes within the logo to express diversity, inclusivity & community. The STEAM focus is portrayed through geometric shapes such as a bar graph, a leaf, a pencil and a spotlight. The natural landscape of the school site, which has a river running through it, is incorporated with flowing lines running through the logo. The leaf shape also expresses new growth, and references the unique windows in the Tower Art Centre.

Combined with a bold new colour scheme and playful patterns, the new Springbank branding displays the creativity, innovation, inclusivity and excitement that the school so strongly encourages in its students.

For more information about Springbank Secondary College, visit their new website.

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