Thoughtful branding for local architecture studio

Think Architects


Think Architects are an architecture firm in Adelaide. They asked us to review & refine their brand identity system, whilst retaining some visual references to existing brand assets. They also wanted to reposition the company as an architecture firm rather than a building design studio.

The project also included the design and development of a new, high performing website that is increasing search engine performance and generating new business leads.


We looked into the architecture industry to gain an understanding of the market, and how Think Architects are doing things differently. We looked at Think Architects’ existing branding and where it was fitting in the market, compared to where they would like to be. A brand new photo shoot of recent projects gave us insight into Think Architects’ portfolio. To ensure the new website would perform well, we engaged a copywriter to create high quality written content.


Our solution references the old branding, but takes it up a notch (or two!). We refined and transformed their logotype into a stripped-back, minimalistic mark. This gave Think Architects a more polished look which reflects the quality of work they produce. Geometric, angled shapes were used throughout the branding to reference architecture and the built form. We also kept the colour palette and patterning to a minimum, to let their work shine through. 

We developed a brand new, high-performing website, as well as a letterhead, business cards and company brochure.

The outcome repositions Think Architects as a highly professional architecture firm and key player in the local architecture industry.

The new website has taken Think Architects from virtual online obscurity to the first page of Google search engine results for keywords ‘Residential Architects Adelaide’.

Could your business use an identity refresh? Or a new, high performing website which positions you as a leader in your field and drives genuine new, high quality leads?

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