Your logo is just the tip of the iceberg.

A logo is just one aspect of a broader family of elements that make up your brand. However, your logo is generally the face, or fingerprint, of your brand; a memorable, distinct and unique mark. Effective logos are legible even when scaled down to tiny sizes and applied in any medium – corporate cookie, anyone? At Flux, we create tasty, meaningful logos that reflect our clients’ stories and stand the test of time.

Logo design

Logo design is the visual design of a unique mark to represent an entity such as a company, institution or organisation. Like a business name, this mark is used to distinguish from market competitors and should be unique, yet appropriate for the particular industry (unless “inappropriateness” is part of the brand strategy!). It is a combination of shapes and typography, used on a wide range of applications to visually represent the entity.

Successful logos are timeless, which means that simplicity is key. Replication of a well designed logo is a breeze in any size and format, within reason! Logos need to be applied to anything from a billboard to a pen, so scalability is essential.

Some logos consist of an image accompanied with typography, some use the typography as the imagery, and some logos are recognisable without any typography at all – think Apple or Nike.

We love creating unique logos that communicate even more unique stories. Our aim is to create a mark that hits the nail on the head so hard that it somehow feels as though it was always your logo, even when you’re only seeing it for the first time.