Bunyon brand identity redesign



  1. Review the existing brand identity of a diversifying recruitment business.
  2. Create a flexible sub-brand identity system that can be applied to different services, initially including recruitment, training consultancy and small business advisory.
  3. Ensure the new brand identity is relevant, creative, polished and professional.
  4. Ensure the new brand identity represents the organisation’s values.


The market for the three business divisions was hugely diverse. To deal with this diversity we recommended the parent brand identity had to be simple and unique enough to use across each market without conflicting with competitor identities.

The new brand identity had to be abstract. Any visual representation of products or services would limit the brands’ growth potential.


The new identity we created is an abstract and unique mark. It takes reference from the original logo mark, but also gives rise to the future of the company. It is fresh, forward thinking and vibrant.

A three colour palette system has been selected to make the identity system more unique. This colour system represents the three partners in the business. The middle colour in each set is the darkest to give the impression of depth. This colour system brings energy and vitality to the identity.

The new identity system is a much simpler, more recognisable and flexible corporate identity than the client’s previous identity.