Identity for an international freight forwarding company

Complete Freight


This start-up business commissioned Flux to create a new identity for their self-named freight company. Their brief asked to to somehow embody the idea of ‘Complete’ air and sea freight in a new and interesting way that embodied their values:

Complete Freight is large enough to exceed your needs for your international logistics and customs requirements, yet small enough to provide you with good old-fashioned one on one service.


We approached this project by conducting the usual high level of research into the business, industry and other related matters. We worked closely with the client to develop and review a string of ideas. This process eventuated with the production of the emblem which represents a hybrid air and sea ship.


After adding the typography to create the finished logotype, we developed a brochure and stationery which maintained a consistent brand identity. For the brochure we commissioned photography by Scott Harding. This included a trip to the shipping dock at Port Adelaide at the wee early hours of a Saturday morning. Adelaide Airport prohibited us from taking shots of cargo planes, so we used stock photography to represent the air freight service. We asked Scott to attempt to replicate the type of image we had selected for air freight at the shipping dock. Using greyscale images we were able to create a high level of consistency across the brochure.