A little less impact on the environment

Little Less


When two environmentally, ethically-minded entrepreneurs become mothers, what do they do? Start a business selling sustainable baby goods, of course!

Little Less is a boutique retail business selling goods for babies, children and parents, with a strong environmental focus. Many community sharing initiatives, such as a toy library, are to be incorporated into the shop space.

Little Less were in need of a unique and professional identity to start them off on the right foot.


We looked at the nearest competitors in the market. We explored ways of incorporating the ecological values of the business into the logo and typography. We also developed a few different colour palette options.


Our solution was a simple typographic logo with multiple meanings. We incorporated abstract leaves/branches to express the environmental values of the business. These are also arrows pointing down, representative of lowering the impact on the environment. A flower and a person (or infant) can also be seen in the ‘i’ to further connect with the vision of Little Less.