A strong identity for a new fitness brand

New Culture Fitness


Flux was engaged to develop a brand identity for a new business focussing on supplying online fitness, training and nutrition advice services to a target audience aged between 20–35 years.


The logotype for New Culture Fitness is based on strength, the body, movement and modern culture. The custom, hand crafted letterforms that define the bold, stamp-like logo represent movement within strength, whilst also communicating a comfortable inter-connectedness. This reflects the connection of nutrition, fitness and strength to attain and maintain wellness, both physical and mental, inside and out.

The bold style and shape also suggests a slightly tribal, but overall modern tone. This gives the brand identity a youthful appeal. Strikingly different from its market competitors, this logo design immediately tells the audience New Culture Fitness offers something beyond the ‘norm’ in nutrition and wellbeing.

Flux Visual Communication is a graphic design firm based in Adelaide, South Australia.