Relationships in Transition

Logo and information guide cover design

Relationships in Transition


Relationships in Transition was an idea in it’s infancy when Flux was approached to consider creating an identity system for the organisation. The primary objective was to make the idea tangible through the creation of a book cover and logotype.


We started the project by researching the main theme, relationships. We considered how to represent the idea that relationships may sometimes be in transition without reference to the usual negativity associated with divorce and separation.


We decided to use a deciduous tree as a metaphor for relationships. We thought that the transition of the tree through the 4 seasons represented the sometimes up-and-down nature of marriage and other relationships. Starting in spring when everything is in full bloom and smelling sweet, relationships can also progress through Autumn and Winter where things go cold and may lose their aesthetic qualities. We thought that in hard times it is important to hang on to the idea that spring, in the form of new beginnings, is always just around the corner. The new beginnings may be in the form of renewed energy in a marriage, or perhaps a new relationship after the previous one has ended, but it’s always just around the corner if one can get through the cold of winter.

We followed this idea up with a second idea which represents the people in the relationships, who may not be seeing eye to eye. We represented this in 2 similar but different ways for the guide cover and logo. On the guide cover, we used two birds sitting in the tree facing away from each other.

In the logo, we used the image of a tandem bicycle which has handle bars facing in 2 different directions. This indicates that relationships can be a difficult thing to manage if you people don’t ensure their expectations are properly aligned. The wheels are also heart shaped, suggesting that those who do commit to a relationship must realise they need to be prepared for a bumpy ride at times!

(Guide book cover illustration by Charlotte Fosdike.)