Strong and agile identity for rehabilitation therapist



Maria, a professional myotherapist and mobility specialist, specialises in science based injury rehabilitation and prevention. She approached Flux to help take her business, Maria Muscular Therapy, to the next level with a rebrand and new name.

Maria was after a minimalist, uncluttered identity that projected confidence and instilled trust in her clients.


We began by researching Maria’s main competitors, who tended to either focussed on wellness or professional physiotherapy services.

We also took the target audience into account, which is fitness-focussed individuals working on injury prevention and/or recovery. 

We found a gap in the market between the fitness sector and professional practices (e.g. chiro, physio) that offer services for healing after training. We identified that a strong, bold, modern, high impact solution that visually has the feel of a gym but offers services of a wellness centre would be unique to the industry. Maria’s client base is strongly fitness-focussed, so this approach would appeal to them.


We suggested a strong, punchy and positive name: “Vivelo”. It means “live it” in Spanish, but also references “vive” in French and “velocity” meaning speed.

The Vivelo identity embodies the concept of people throwing off the shackles of injury or anything holding them back, and moving forwards, getting back to fitness and their active lifestyles. This is also expressed through the typography, which depicts movement and mobility through the forward-leaning letters.

We also developed geometric, abstract interpretations of muscle shapes in the human body, which can be used as decorative secondary branding elements.

We then assisted Maria in applying the identity to her SquareSpace website, keeping the project economical and within budget. Check it out at: