Package design

Package design that jumps off the shelf.

You might have thought about the shelf-life of your product, but have you considered the shelf-life of your package design? You’ve shed blood, sweat and tears to develop an amazing product, but does your packaging send the right message at first glance? Thoughtfully, well designed packaging gets a great product into the hands and homes of ideal consumers.

Package design

Packaging design is the design of packaging and labels for products such as food and beverages, cosmetics and toiletries, household products, industrial parts – really, anything in a box, bottle, jar, tin, tube, cup, bag or vessel of any kind. The difference with designing for packaging (as opposed to print or digital) is that packaging takes a 3D form. The final product is a physical shape that will be viewed from multiple sides, and function in a specific way. 

Measure twice, cut once

Form and function are particularly important. Assembly and construction of the packaging must be considered, particularly if developing a custom box. Keeping the packaging as small as possible, simple in construction, and eliminating glue spots (or at least reducing to the minimum) help keep production and transportation costs down, whilst also reducing the environmental impact. In these instances, prototypes are made to ensure it works as it should and all dimensions are correct before continuing with the full print run.

Show your best side

Good packaging design will function well and have great shelf presence, helping the product to stand out amongst competitors. Each side of the packaging must be considered, generally using the most striking visual elements on the front and keeping the finer details to the back. This ensures that the packaging is engaging and attractive enough to implore someone to pick up the product. Once in their hand, they can read more on the back if they please, rather than bombarding them with information on the front and sacrificing the aesthetic style.

Expanding your branding

For companies promoting products, packaging design forms a significant part of your overall branding architecture. The design of your packaging influences the way that your brand is perceived by consumers. We can help you develop packaging that will wow your target audience, inform consumers about your bespoke product and tell your unique story.