Brand identity and packaging design for Adelaide Hills candle maker

Honey Candles Australia


Honey Candles Australia initially approached Flux to organise a product photo shoot. During the initial consultation we recommended the company refresh their existing corporate identity. Later, we developed a coherent graphic design system they could use to nicely package their products for shipping.


We researched the local market, but also the global ‘Honey’ market and found a huge gap in the way these two markets presented themselves. Local beeswax candle makers were not yet using the same high quality graphic design that Honey makers were. Given that 100% pure beeswax is a key point of difference in the Honey Candles products, we thought it was obvious which direction we had to take with the new brand identity and packaging design.


We focused on using the ‘honeycomb hexagon’ as a core shape in the new design, as none of the local beeswax candle makers were using this yet. We developed a new logotype by replacing the ‘O’ in Honey with a hexagon shape, and then placing a flame above it. The flame can also be seen as a drip of honey, adding depth to the message with a double entendre.

We created a background pattern inspired by images of light passing through honeycomb and increased the emphasis on the hand-made quality of the product by adding ‘Crafted in the Adelaide Hills’ to the ‘100% pure Australian Beeswax’ text.