One for the honey, two for the bees

For the love of honey


For the Love of Honey is a honey business based in the Adelaide Hills. They needed a distinct identity and packaging system for their honey products, which would distinguish them from market competitors by emphasising the key ethical and environmental values at the core of their business.


As we proceeded, it became abundantly clear that this business takes extreme care and thought when producing and packaging their product. Throughout all steps of their supply chain, from the bees through to the beekeepers and consumers, this product provides ongoing support for all parties involved and transparency throughout production. The business and its beekeepers are so well versed in their practice that they can taste-test different honey samples and identify the exact plants or botanicals that the bees have collected pollen from.


Since transparency and authenticity are such a big part of this business’s values, we developed a two-label packaging system to highlight exactly which beekeeper and location each jar of honey comes from.

Taking cues from the bees and the beekeepers, a unique set of pointillism style illustrations were created to communicate the innate connection to native flora, while also reminding the consumer of the origins of the production process. Pairing these with bold, geometric elements and a typographic logo created a dynamic contrast that gives the product the unique and careful identity system that it needs to stand out on the shelf amongst other honey competitors.

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