Luxury packaging for homewares boutique



Toffish, a boutique store in the Adelaide Hills, had developed a range of high quality bath products. They wanted a classic, timeless look for the packaging of this new range, which also needed to tie in with their existing Toffish branding.


We developed illustrations representing each of the ingredients in the seven fragrances in the range. The style needed to have a French feel to tie in with the existing Toffish branding, and included elements such as swirls and decorative flourishes.


The range of package design included labels for seven bubble bath bottles plus boxes. We also designed labels for two milk bath products available in two different sizes.

The shelf presence has a cohesive feel, yet each fragrance is distinguished with a different colour and bespoke emblem. The emblem is then used to create a pattern on both the inside and outside of the box. 

The overall look is classic, feminine and luxurious, tying in well with the Toffish boutique aesthetic.