Active Ageing Strategy

City of Unley


The City of Unley asked us to develop an identity system and publication design for their Active Ageing Strategy—a celebration of ageing, and a guide to the council’s approach towards its activities in becoming an Age Friendly City. The brief was to develop a unique visual system which was playful and celebratory, but also mature in its approach.


While adhering as closely as possible to the City of Unley’s style guide, we had the freedom to select a display typeface to enable the identity to be distinct. We chose a hand-drawn, script style typeface to softly communicate the human element of the program. Textured circles became the strong visual and decorative element. Playfulness was achieved by using circles of various sizes and different pastel colours. The colour palette was defined by four different hues of muted pastel tones. This restricted the identity system from becoming overly bright and playful, gave it a mature feel.


The end result is a system which has successfully worked to define Unley’s Active Ageing program as distinct from that of other councils, whilst being flexible enough to be consistently applied to various applications, including:

  • Publication design
  • Digital graphics and web banners
  • Roll-up display banners
  • Posters of various sizes and formats
  • Street decals
  • Retail window stickers
  • Digital screen presentations.