City of Unley: Asset Management Plans

Making local government communication engaging, with succinct infographics

City of Unley


After putting many months of work into the content of their Asset Management Plans, the City of Unley wanted to make sure the information was presented in a visually attractive and engaging way.

Each Asset Management Plan needed to be distinct, while also tying together as a set overall.


We explored ways that Building, Open Space, Stormwater and Transport could be visually represented. We researched, brainstormed and sketched.

By extrapolating the assigned colour for each category, we developed four distinct colour palettes. Typographic styles were developed in line with the City of Unley’s corporate style guide. 

Styles for infographics, pie charts and column graphs were needed. We also researched and illustrated a major infographic incorporating all assets in the council.


Each Asset Management Plan is vibrant, contemporary and visually appealing. The eye-catching covers encourage residents to pick up (or click on) these important documents. We broke information into digestible chunks, and interspersed with images and decorative elements. Spacious layouts and simple graphs also help to relay the information without overwhelming the reader.

The Asset Summary infographic at the beginning of each Asset Management Plan is the most significant element to visually represent the information being discussed. Our streetscape style infographic incorporates all assets across the council, with relevant assets highlighted in each Asset Management Plan. 

We retained Unley’s corporate font Univers for body text and subheadings, and introduced Mont for major headings and pull quotes.

The outcome is a set of four distinct yet complementary documents, that are engaging and easy to read.