A Smart Plan for the City of Unley 2023–2027

A Smart Plan for the City of Unley 2023–2027

City of Unley


The City of Unley wanted their Smart Plan designed in a fun and visually engaging way. We were asked to create a quirky, mid-century modernism aesthetic for this publication, combined with depictions of modern technology.


We began by researching mid-century modern designs, particularly looking at the illustration and typographic styles of this aesthetic. We also researched the smart city innovations being implemented in Trikala, Greece (City of Unley’s Twin City).


The core of the overall look and feel of the publication is the hero infographic, which breaks down the main data into easily digestible snippets and presents the information in a visually engaging way. We also incorporated recognisable City of Unley landmarks into the illustrations, with a mid-century twist.

The outcome is a colourful, playful and informative publication, which represents future possibilities and enables readers to easily process the information.