Closing the Gap poster

Closing the Gap poster design

Flinders University Human Behaviour & Health Research Unit


The purpose of this poster design project was to persuade Indigenous Australians in urban, rural and remote areas of the country to stop, reduce or alter their smoking behaviour in positive ways. We had to convince the target audience—visitors to Aboriginal Health Clinics—to take immediate action by asking clinic employees for more information.


We developed a series of posters designed to capture the attention of the target audience in the foyers of health clinics. Part of the brief was to establish trust with the target audience through images of, and messages from Tom Calma, a highly regarded Indigenous Australian.


The posters have been distributed nation-wide and have been very well-received by a diverse range of Indigenous communities. The set have been become part-and-parcel of the Closing the Gap national training program, helping to engage and inspire health practitioners to address the high rates of tobacco smoking among their patients.