Community Engagement Toolkit Unley

Community Engagement Toolkit

City of Unley


The team at City of Unley were in need of a simple, centralised toolkit for guiding council staff through the Community Engagement process. As experts in engagement, the Council’s brief to Flux was to design a kit that was colourful, fun, lively and a pleasure to use. 


We needed to develop a system that could be used to tie a series of related documents and tools together visually. The first of which, was to summarise the entire process in a one page info-graphic.


Our studio worked hard to develop a solution that used colour and playful typography to bring what would otherwise be a quite dry document to life. There were a number of utilitarian tools, like forms and other documents that needed to be editable in Microsoft Word. Flux was able to apply the brand identity system to each item so they all clearly belong to the Community Engagement family.