Flux festive recipe book

Flux Visual Communication


Instead of sending out a standard greeting card during the festive season, we at Flux decided to make something a little more personal for our clients. Our goal was to create something unique that would be remembered, something that clients would want to keep and share. A book design that would also showcase the amazing creative talents and illustration skills our studio possesses.


After several short brainstorming sessions, it was decided that our mutual love of food and broad mix of multicultural backgrounds would provide the perfect inspiration for a recipe book.


We shortlisted our favourite family festive foods (wow there’s some serious alliteration for you!) and harassed the amazing chefs in our respective families for their secret recipes.

We then developed illustrations for each of the democratically selected final eight dishes and brought the entire book together in a saddle stitched soft covered publication. Each booklet was also embellished with a hand applied ribbon bookmark.