'Greening Unley' Environmental Sustainability Strategy

City of Unley


After all their hard work developing the Environmental Sustainability Strategy, the team at the City of Unley needed their publication to look the part before handing out to council and committee members, as well as the wider public.


It was essential that key projects discussed in Greening Unley were highlighted visually throughout the publication. Working closely with our client, we engaged a photographer and visited specific sites around Unley. The process not only provided us with the photographic material we needed, but also opened our eyes to the many innovative and amazing initiatives that have been taken in the area!


We experimented with freehand sketches of environmental elements to use throughout the publication. To emphasis Greening Unley’s environmental message, we thought it would be fitting to use Ryman Eco, an environmentally sustainable typeface, as the headline font. We also used a 100% recycled paper stock for a small print run, although it will mainly be viewed online (saving even more paper!).

The result is an engaging, tactile document with a warm and earthy tone that will assist the City of Unley in raising awareness about their Environmental Sustainability Strategy over the next four years.

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