Keeping safe with all the pieces of the puzzle

Central Queensland University


Central Queensland University asked us to create a visual infographic for an awareness campaign around emotional preparedness for natural disasters in Australia.

The main message consisted of three parts, reminding the public to prepare their head (being emotionally or mentally ready for a natural disaster), heart (being aware of people in your family and community who might be vulnerable and need assistance) and home (with the resources we already know are available in the community).

The natural disasters addressed in the campaign included cyclones, floods, bush fires and tsunamis. However, instead of using disaster-specific imagery, the brief was to create simple, positive imagery with ‘Prepare’ as the focus keyword.


As all three parts of the message are essential and important, we likened these to puzzle pieces. With the overall message of “Are all the pieces in place?”, we also developed short catchphrases for each of the three components:

  • Head “Is your head in the game?”
  • Heart “Are those you love ready?”
  • Home “Is your property disaster ready?”


We created an infographic which communicates the main message of the campaign clearly, utilising the developed text-based messages. We then applied this to a poster, fridge magnet and A4 report.