Awards night identity system

National Association for Women In Construction


The South Australian chapter of the National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC) asked us to create a new look for their annual awards night held in October 2010. The challenge was to create a unique identity system that reflected the name (Crystal Vision Awards) and very glamorous nature of the event.


Flux researched ideas of ‘construction’ and ‘crystal’ and discovered an unlikely overlap between the two themes with ‘gemstones’. The underlying chemistry of gemstones is very rigid and structural, their atoms are held together closely in very orderly and repetitive patterns. These structural patters also exist within most construction techniques, allowing the buildings or structures to defy gravity.


Flux developed a graphic representation of a gemstone and this became the main visual theme of the event’s identity system. We then created a linear version of the gemstone to create visual interest through contrast and treated the small caps typography to lots of space to create the sense of prestige normally associated with certificates.