SPW School Prospectus

Prospectus for one of Adelaide’s most prestigious schools

St Peter's Woodlands Grammar School


SPW asked Flux to produce a promotional item for prospective parents of new students. The end result had to reflect the high standard of education on offer at the Anglican primary school. As well as this, it needed to be flexible enough to allow SPW staff to customise a package for different types of prospective parents. This included the ability to add other promotional material for some parents and omit pieces of information unnecessary to others.


After considering a few different options, we decided on a promotional folder with a series of A4 and folding A3 inserts would provide the best solution. This gave the client the flexibility they were after, whilst still allowing the design to be spacious and elegant. We commissioned Scott Harding to do the photography and his natural charisma with the children shows through in some wonderful (and very cute) photos. Part of the project included touching up photos, as some of the school’s heritage buildings had recently been renovated and were still carrying quite obvious imperfections. As a key visual aspect of the school’s charm, we made sure the buildings were all looking their best for the finished product. We also redrew the school’s very traditional coat of arms to high quality print industry specifications, in order to ensure its integrity across future print and digital mediums.


The finished design was offset printed on high quality paper stock to further reinforce the emphasis on quality education. The client was very happy with the flexibility of the solution, the quality of the design and the support we provided through the printing process.