St Joseph’s School Hectorville

School identity bursting with potential

St Joseph's School Hectorville


St Joseph’s School Hectorville were in need of an update to the look and feel of their marketing material, but wanted to hold on to their existing brand recognition.

Instead of a full rebrand, we developed a branding refresh while retaining the existing logo mark and colours.


After discussions with the client, we discovered that there was a lot of material that the new branding needed to be applied to, such as flyers, brochures, signage, stationery, student forms and digital media. The new system needed to be flexible, adaptable and also easy to use in-house.


We adjusted the scale and layout of the logo, and chose a contemporary typeface to compliment the existing logo mark. We also took the existing logo mark shapes and played with a contrast in scale, developing a fresh, new style for the secondary branding.

These changes have helped St Joseph’s School Hectorville to invigorate their presence and visibility in the community. Along with a brand new website, these changes have helped to contribute to an increase in student enrolments.