Tired of this sick body

‘Tired of this sick body’ book

NurseLink Foundation


This story was commissioned and published by the NurseLink Foundation in order to share the moving story of Lily and her battle with cancer. It is told by Lily’s sister Margaret, who was by her side at each battle and felt every heart-wrenching victory and every life-shattering loss. Sound interesting? You bet it is.


After considering and experimenting with many different techniques, we decided that only real photos and scans of hand-written extracts from Lily’s diary could help tell this story properly.


We made a collection of these images and scattered them in various compositions of greyscale and colour, full and partial images, in an attempt to share with the reader the fragmented, almost chaotic feeling that we experienced when we read the book.

This incredible heart-felt story of Lily, as told by her sister Margaret, is the inspiration behind the Sandakan Hospice in Malaysia.

The ‘fragmented’ idea immediately resonated with the author’s own experiences during Lily’s fight with cancer. The book has since found its way into the National Library of Australia and numerous book stores.