A testing time for poster design

A testing time for poster design



Working closely with SAMESH and ShineSA, this project called for the development of new poster campaign encouraging men who have sex with men to get regularly tested for STIs & HIV. The campaign will be displayed in universities, health clinic foyers and other public places.


Due to it’s pending exposure to many different audiences, the campaign needed to be relatively conservative in imagery and subject matter, rather than overtly sexual. It also needed to connect with the main target audience of young (18–30+), ethnically diverse men. The campaign was particularly aimed at international students, who can face difficulties in seeking medical advice for sexual health since this topic is still considered to be quite taboo in many parts of the world. With this in mind, we decided that the campaign would be more effective if it was bright and humorous, to help the message resonate with viewers and create a feeling of ease towards the idea of getting regular HIV & STI tests.


The final outcome was a series of three posters—two with a slightly varied message promoting the importance of STI & HIV testing. We used sleek illustrations combined with short, sharp puns to encourage viewers to get tested. The double meanings in each concept kept the appearance suitable for public spaces, while our fun, friendly approach made the issue less daunting, reducing the stigma and expressing acceptance of all lifestyles. The third poster emphasises the importance of, and suggests an ideal frequency for, getting tested regularly.

SAMESH Shine SA Health campaign poster design Adelaide Banana
SAMESH Shine SA Health campaign poster design Adelaide Pickle
SAMESH Shine SA Health campaign poster design Adelaide Radio