A very musical brand identity design

A very musical brand identity design


The purpose of this project was to:

  1. Create a new brand identity for an existing music label
  2. Ensure the new identity positions the label as a professional organisation
  3. Ensure the new identity is timeless, unique and can compete in a national market

The logotype had to represent the core brand values of Etoile Music Productions:

  1. Timeless Music
  2. Musical integrity and quality
  3. Professionalism
  4. A romantic and positive brand



At the core of our recommendation for the logo for this new brand identity is the notion of musicality and movement. A timeless typeface has been given new life with the addition of forms inspired by the shapes found in music notes. Rhythm and musical beauty are created by the ligatures ‘linking’ the letter forms.

The two rhythm dots at the end of the word serve as both a visual full stop, and a nod toward music in its written form. The logotype overall communicates a sense of beautiful flow, with the gentle curves evoking a romantic and European ‘visual sound’. The bold form and simple use of colour anchors the logo giving it a professional and established feel.

Etoile means ‘Star’ in French: Inspired by the star shapes found in a kaleidoscope, accompanying background imagery was developed for flexible use across mediums such as business cards and stationery. 

Logo design for Etoile Music Productions by Flux Visual Communication