Logo design for information guide publisher in Adelaide

Logo design for information guide publisher in Adelaide

Relationships In Transition


Relationships in Transition was an idea in it’s infancy when Flux was approached to consider creating an identity system for the organisation. The primary objective was to make the idea tangible through the creation of a book cover and logotype.


We started the logo design project by researching the main theme, relationships. We considered how to represent the idea that relationships may sometimes be in transition without reference to negativity associated with divorce and separation.


After completing the guide cover we developed a second idea which represents the people in the relationships who may not be seeing eye to eye. In the logo, we used the image of a tandem bicycle which has handle bars facing in 2 different directions. This indicates that relationships can be a difficult thing to manage if you people don’t ensure their expectations are properly aligned. The wheels are also made from heart shaped wheels, suggesting that those who do commit to a relationship must realise they need to be prepared for a bumpy ride at times!

Relationships in Transition logo design Adelaide