New Year’s Eve event poster

New Year’s Eve event poster

Adelaide City Council


The challenge on this project was to appeal to the two very different target audiences the event is aimed at: couples with young children and tweens. The other important consideration was to make a secondary point of the event’s location: the City park lands are a central and safe environment for people at an official City event and we knew this was important consideration for the target groups.


Research was undertaken to find a theme and visual language that could appeal to both audiences. Through this research, Flux identified many things people of different ages share a mutual enjoyment for, including music, lego and board games, to name just a few. After thorough analysis of this comprehensive list, we decided that lollies had the most in common with the event—They are colourful, fun and tempting regardless of what stage of life you’re in. Without being too literal, which would perhaps communicate the event was actually about lollies, their colour and frivolity was used as inspiration for this project.


Soft, hand-illustrated trees represent our Park Lands and surround the City’s towers, which are themselves constructed from lollies. This imaginative landscape, mixed with striking colour palette and bold typography was designed to generate an expectation of an enjoyable event. A very playful typeface, aptly called ‘Gelateria’, was perfect for reinforcing the entire theme.

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